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Ring Muscle Gym Fitness Equipment Home fitness Portable Comprehensive Training Device Exercise Equipment Weights Trainer

Ring Muscle Gym Fitness Equipment Home fitness Portable Comprehensive Training Device Exercise Equipment Weights Trainer


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Multigrade weight/muscle gain/fat loss/pressure relief/easy to use
The day that makes up one's mind to reduce weight, think of "want to want good its matter, must first advantage its implement", do not want to do card to go to the gym again burning fat brandish sweat, the home also does not want to place equipment of all sorts of greatly small fitness, how to do? Don't worry, if you want to have enviable muscles, it's enough
Whole-body training, strengthening muscles, burning fat
The most effective fitness don't need you to spend too much time, just nine minutes a day can fully stimulate your hands, arms, shoulders, and abdominal core muscles, keep training every day, can exercise cardiopulmonary function and enhance upper limb coordination, increase stamina, burn excess fat, tighten the arm, have the effect of improved form.
Multiple weights, the faster the rotation, the greater the force
Different from the traditional fitness equipment is cumbersome, the force ring innovatively adopts the principle of centrifugal potential energy, using the centrifugal force generated by the smooth steel ball rotating in the infinite tube, combined with the correct training method, it can effectively carry out the whole-body training, increase muscle and reduce fat in one step. Too fun
Easy to use, play out interesting new tricks
HIIT is currently recognized as the most effective comprehensive aerobic exercise of the whole body, combined with the characteristics of the centrifugal potential energy of the health ring, while consuming body heat, fully exercise the core muscles of the body, no longer need to push and lift the iron all the time, so that the increase of muscle and fat burning as powerful as the game.

Directions for use:
Step 1: hold the middle handle with one hand/two hands horizontally or vertically;
Step 2: turn the force ring clockwise/counterclockwise to drive the round steel ball to rotate in the infinite tube;
Step 3: combine the body strength and training parts, turn faster and faster to feel the size of the natural centrifugal force for targeted training;

Material: ABS shell, steel ball
Item No.: Jianli Ring
Applicable scenarios: fitness equipment, sports trends, fitness beauty
Colour: Black

Package Content:

1x Centrifugal training

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